divine would have turned 66 today! so happy birthday, gorgeous!


    divine would have turned 66 today! so happy birthday, gorgeous!

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    Early Bird Special: Police Academy alum Michael “Motor Mouth” Winslow utilises his signature sound effects to perform a kickass cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” on the Norwegien talk show Senkveld med Thomas og Harald.


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    "The worlds a better place when its upside down"

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    "The secret to success is learning to go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."

    Winston S. Churchill (via misswallflower)

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    new Björk! yay

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    Tumblr Android 2.0.4: Now available on the Android Market

    This update features:

    • New, cleaner, better-looking post screens.
    • Faster Dashboard loading — especially when switching screens.
    • Reblogging to Queue.
    • Lots of bugs squashed.

    I’m still working with a few of you who are mysteriously unable to log in from certain devices. If you run into this issue, please email support and tell them Chris sent you.

    As always, a big thanks to all the beta-testers and bug reporters. :)

    Grab it now!

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    How The Westboro Baptist Church Scam Works


    From a comment on Boingboing…

    Most of Fred Phelps’ 13 adult children are lawyers, with law degrees from Washburn University in Topeka, KS. Those that are still in the church practice in the family law firm, Phelps Chartered, LLC. Phelps himself had been disbarred in 1979 for perjury, but his children carried on the law firm.

    Over 20 years ago, they discovered that if they picketed AIDS funerals in Kansas, distraught loved ones would lose control, and physically attack the WBC protestors. They sued, and won. Sensing a major income stream, they started protesting full-time, hoping to be attacked.

    They started picketing full-time at museum exhibits, college graduations, poetry readings, rock concerts, celebrity funerals, and, of course, AIDS funerals… anywhere they could use free speech to get people to attack them.

    When soldiers started coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan in body bags, they hit paydirt: Protest *near* (not at) funerals of soldiers, blaming America’s decline on “fags,” and wait for the attacks.

    They raise at least $200,000 a year doing this, and probably more. They fund the picketing business with lawsuits.

    There is always a family lawyer at every protest. Every protest is videotaped, so they have rock-solid evidence when attacked. They target the highest-profile events they can, and make sure the media knows they are coming, so people are all riled up. They always protest on public property, sidewalks, and rights-of-way, so that they can’t be charged with trespassing. If there’s a legally-imposed “no protest zone” around funerals, they obey it. They are very clever to stay within the letter of the law.

    And angry people fall for it, all the time. And the media never bothers to investigate how this scam works.

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